About Us


Cincinnati Shakespeare Company is a resident ensemble theatre company bringing Shakespeare and the Classics to life for audiences of all ages.


Shakespeare Theatre Association – STA

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company is proud to be a member of the Shakespeare Theatre Association (STA). For more information, visit www.stahome.org.

About Ensemble

At the core of Cincinnati Shakespeare Company are the members. The Company is made up of talented individuals running the gamut of theater professionals, from set designers to artists to the managing director. As a group, the Company ignites the classics to create fresh, thought-provoking productions. 

Production History

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company was founded in 1993. For a detailed history of productions, click here.

In 2014, with their production of The Two Noble Kinsmen, Cincinnati Shakespeare Company became one of the first 5 theaters in the United States to complete the canon. Learn more about those productions here.



Looking for more information on auditions or want to work with us? Click here to learn more.