Support PROJECT38

38 plays at 38 schools sounds impossible, but CSC does just that through its most innovating and wide-reaching education program. Your gift helps underwrite teaching artist-based instruction at more than 38 schools across the tristate and supports the PROJECT38 Festival every spring.

Virtual PROJECT38 Festival Giving Level Suggestions

Donations in all amounts are welcome and appreciated.  Here is a guide of some suggested amounts and the sort of great things the donations at these levels could support!

$10 – Embolden a student to try something new
$25 – Empower a teacher to motivate their students through imaginative thinking
$50 – Enable a CSC teaching artist to help bring their students’ ideas to life
$100 – Improve students’ comprehension of Shakespeare by up to 90%
$500 – Instill 21st Century skills in students like creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking
$1,000 – Increase empathy and understanding between students by 75%


What is it?

PROJECT38 is CSC’s most ambitious and influential education program. This year-long project assigns teaching artists to up to 45 different classrooms across the Cincinnati area, and together the class explores one of the 38 plays from Shakespeare’s canon and develops a creative interpretation of the play. PROJECT38 complements classroom learning by teaching foundations of Shakespeare and strengthening students’ 21st century skills, including collaboration, creativity, empathy and grit. PROJECT38 concludes in a week-long festival where all schools come together to share their projects with each other, family, friends, and the entire community. Thanks to generous support, PROJECT38 is offered to teachers, students and schools at no cost.

The results speak for themselves. Upon completion of PROJECT38, 85-90% of students report improvement in inter-personal skills like creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and grit. Also, up to 90% claim improvement in Shakespeare comprehension. Most importantly, PROJECT38 fosters empathy among peers. After participating in PROJECT38, 70% of students claim they have more tolerance for opinions that are different than their own.

In response to COVID-19, PROJECT38 is going virtual for 2020. Your support today helps bring an online version of the PROJECT38 Festival to life, and also ensures that next school year CSC teaching artists will be back in classrooms across the tristate for another successful season of PROJECT38.

Why donate?

PROJECT38 serves a wide spectrum of schools across Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Last year, 54% of schools were located in rural or urban communities without direct access to high-quality arts education programs. 60% of PROJECT38 students receive free or reduced price lunches.

CSC is proud to offer PROJECT38 at no cost. From classroom instruction to the final festival, no child, teacher, or school district pays a dollar for this program.

You support ensures that all students living in the Greater Cincinnati area have the same access to life-changing arts education programs like PROJECT38. Where a child lives should not dictate their ability to learn and thrive in an environment that includes the arts.