COVID Recovery Fund

Why Give to Our COVID Recovery Fund

As a supporter of Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, you are such an important part of our family. As you can imagine, we are devastated to close our doors for the time being. We know that for so many, attending a performance is a chance to escape and the power of live theatre creates a common bond desperately needed in these uncertain times.

More than ever before, Cincinnati Shakespeare Company needs your support. Please consider making a donation to protect our ability to create powerful and engaging theatre long after this period of uncertainty. While our performances, workshops, classes, and events cannot go on, the lives and livelihoods of those who make the art you love must. Your philanthropic support ensures that when this crisis ends – and it will – Cincinnati Shakespeare Company will still be right here waiting for you with open arms, ready to hold up a mirror to reflect all the best parts of our shared humanity.

While nothing can replace the in-person connections made by live theatre, we hope that you take comfort in the fact that we are working tirelessly to create new ways to connect with you as we all move forward together. Our team is currently hard at work developing new and unexpected ways we can continue to deliver on our mission of bringing Shakespeare and the classics to life for all. Click here to learn more about our Current Programs.

Donate Online

Donate online above

Donate by Mail

Please make a check out to Cincinnati Shakespeare Company and mail to:
Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
Attention: Development
217 W. 12th Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Donate by Phone

Please call Associate Director of Development, Elaine Cox at 513-381-2273 ext. 3200

Donate at the Theater*

The box office will be happy to accept and process a tax-deductible donation by cash, check or credit card at:
The Otto M. Budig Theater
1195 Elm Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
*Call in advance for current hours (513)381-2273

Donate with Stock

Download instructions for making a gift of stock online here.

Questions? Contact Director of Development, Sara Clark at

We wish to thank the following who have supported Cincinnati Shakespeare Company in this time of great need.  We are forever grateful.

This list includes donors to the COVID19 Closure Fund, March 12 – June 30, 2020. We endeavor to correctly recognize all of our supporters. If you see a problem with this list, please accept our apologies and email to correct.  Thank you.

COVID Recovery Fund Donors:

Anonymous (28)
Anonymous in honor of the Hudson Family
Anonymous in memory of Stephen E. Kurlansky
Anonymous in honor of Deborah Pfetzing
Cindy Aardema
Van Ackerman
Diane J. Adamec
Christine Adams
Mary Adams
Diane Albrinck in honor of Charles Albrinck
Bruce Allen
Lisa Allgood
Deborah Allsop
Jose Alvarez
Bob Amott, Jr. and Janice Flanagan
Christine Anderson and Stephen Yerian
Karen and Jeff Anderson
Tamara and Peter Anderson
Virginia Anderson
Courtney Anthony
Melissa Antonides
Danny Antrobus
Klara Apro
Jessica Armour
Jay Arns
Dawn Ash
Reuel Ash
Laura Atkinson
Carrie Atzinger
Kelly Austin
Eric Avner
Anne Badanes
Ann Bailey
Al and Sara Bailey
Mark Bailey
Andrew Baker
Charles Baker in honor of Cameron Baker
Joseph Baker
Olivia Ballard
Janet Banks
Henrietta Barlag
Michael Barnett
Jack Barrett
Bill and Mary Baskett
Ron Bates and Randy Lasley
Lisa Beckelhimer
Daniel Beckman
Wilma and Herbert Beigel
Mary Ann Bell
Nicholas Belperio
Vicki and Peter Beltramo
Annie and Thomas Bennett
Emily Bennings
Teresa Benson
Patricia Beresford
Erika Beresford-Kroeger
Pam Bernstein
Mary Bertke
Jan Conversano Besl and James P. Besl
Marian Bichelmeir
Elizabeth and Stephen Billmann
David and Elaine Billmire
Ann Birkenhauer
Julie Bissinger
Dr. Stephanie Blackburn
Tina Blakley
Gifford and Anne Blaylock
Kenneth Blewett
Gary Blomberg
James and Susan Bohache
Mary Bokenkotter
Mike Bolender
Amy Bonta
Erica Hope Bottger
Catherine Bowers
David and Madonna Bowman
Jennifer Bowman
Ellen Boyne
Robert Brackenbury and Linda Parysek
Jana Braden
Casey Bradley
Barb Brandenburg
Peggy Braun
Barbara Brewer
Judith Briggs
Karen Brinkman
Robert Brockman
Rebecca and John Bromels
Michelle and Lynn Brothers
Curtis Brown and Carol Steck
Mrs. L.L. Browning
Melanie Broxterman
Barbara Bruce
Douglas Bruestle
Jennifer Brunette
Mary Bryan
Jacklyn Bryson
Leanne and John Budde
Otto M. Budig, Jr.
Andrea Bunch
Karen Bunyan
George and Cindy Burkhart
Jean Burkheiser
Robert Burroughs
Scott Burwinkel
Jeff Caley
Barbara Calton
Debbie Campbell
Jake Campbell
Nina Campbell
Julie Carpenter
Janice Carrozzella
Susan and David Carson
Carol Carver
Dr. Janet Castellini
Travis Caudill
Sanders Chang
Dr. Santanu and Linda Chaterjee
Tracy Cheever
Chris and Nancy Christensen
Dorothy Christenson
Jan Chistiff
Lee and Lisa Clapp Family Fund
Katie and Jon Clark in honor of Sara Clark Rose
Kathy and Michael Clark
Leslie Clark
Reed Clark
J and B Clarke
Margaret Clarke
Barry Clayton
Phillip Clayton
Francis Clifton
Vivian Cochrane
Susan Cogan
Brian and Elizabeth Coley
Kathy Collins
Melissa Collins
Bill and Harriet Connor
Andrea Conrad
Chico Converse
Timothy Conway
David and Jane Conzett
Catherine Cook
Doren Cook
Laura Coomer
Dr. Kristen Copeland
Julie Coppens
Mary and Ralph Corley
Janet Cotner
Vivian Coulter
Dr. David and Elaine Cox
Ronald Crossland
Thomas Cruse
Lisa Cupito
Curiosity Advertising
Jayson Currier
Donald and Victoria Daiker
Melissa Dallas
Susan and Bryan Daly
Melissa Darling
Marina Dashevsky
Courtney Crane Dauer
Joel and Sally Davenport
Devin Davidson
Janet Davidson
Michael Davis
Lisa Dayton
Cheryl Dean
Patrick Deavy
Stephen DeHoff
Rose Marie Deibel
Frank Delaney
Benjamin Demaree
Catherine Dempsey in honor of Jeanna Vella
James Denning
Bernard DeSilva
Emily Detmer-Goebel
Mike and Cathy DeWeirdt
Rita and Thomas DiBello
Joseph Dicesare and Jennifer Groman
Doug and Sara Dicken
Jesse Dill
Patrick Dinan
Chris Dobbs
David Dobbs
Andy Dobson
Carole Donnelly
Dottie Dorsch
Barbara Doviak
David and Kelley Downing
Emilie and David Dressler Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Dale and Thomas Due
John Duffy
Ellen Dunsker
Kathy Durfee
Robert Dusch
Robert Dutina
Kristen Dyer
Grace Eddy
Deborah Edgington
Susan Ekk
Joe and Kay Ellis
Nancy Ellwood
Elizabeth Elsey
Elizabeth End
June Endicott
Stephenie Eriksson
Michelle Ernst
Teresa Ernst
Linnea Eschenlohr
Steven Skibo and Susan Esler
Laurie Evans
Laura Evers
Amy Eyers
Karen Faaborg
Lindsey Faber
Deborah Fairhead
Emily Wells-Farish
Miriam Fay
Dianne Feltz
Carol Fencl
Kyle Ferguson
Liz Fernandez
Frank Fiorito
Amy Firis
Angie Fischer
Jeremy Fischer
Patricia Fisk
Mary and Robert Fitzpatrick
Maggie Flanagan
Kay Fluharty
Nancy Fluharty
Amy Fontaine
Kimberly and Dick Fouse
Julia Fowler
Sharon Freyhof
Marcia Freyman
Vanessa Freytag
Carol Friel
Kathy Fromell
Nancy Fuller
Christopher Futscher and Lynn Schulte
Diane Gabbard
Rosalind Gallaspie
Sally Ganz
Stacy Gendelman
Dianne Gerrety
Georgine Getty
Scott Getz
Sarah K Gideonse
Deborah Gilbert
Tracey Glancy
Gary and Tricia Glass
Jerome Glinka
Jane Goecke
Noah Goertemiller
Nancy Goldberg
Jeffrey Goldman
Jeanne Golliher
Maria Gomez and Rich Hill
William Gordon and Nancy Johnson
Sarah and Matt Graber
Kevin Grace
William Gracie, Jr. and Daniel Fairbanks
Susan Graham
Mary Gray

Barclay Green
Chris Green
Melissa Greenberg
Meredith Gregg
Sarah Gregg
Mindy Gregorsok
Kathleen Greiner
Kenneth Griffiths
Thomas Grogan
Mark Grote
Jane Grote
Dominic Guido
The Gumbleton Family
The Gumbleton Family Charitable Trust
Amit Gupta
Deb Haas
Alexander Habib
Chris Hachfeld
Bryan Hafertepe
Karla Hall
Stew and Linda Hall
Jane Hamilton
Eric Hammer
Elizabeth and Thomas Hampton
Melanie Hampton
Brent Hardesty
Stephena Harmony
Martha Harris
Dr. Othello Harris
Glenda Harrison
Sallee Harrison
Dan and Helen Hartsman
Lloyd Hartsough
Petrina Hasinski
Sigrun Haude
Mary Haupt
Steven Hegwood
Kathryn Hendrickson
Nancy Helwig and Robert Rosebury
Kathryn Hendrickson
Dawn Hensley
Molly Herbe in honor of Sarah Herbe
Mary Herrington
Carol Hershenson
Mike Hieber
Kristen Higgins in honor of Ashley Weingard
Sallie Hilvers
Clare Hingsbergen
Suzanne Marie Hitt
Alan, Lesley, and Maerin Hodge
Thelma Hodge
Dale Hodges
Stephanie Hoeppner
Regina Hoffmeier
Nancy Hollingsworth
OCS Doors LLC in honor of Rainy Edwards
Terri Holten in honor of Rachel Moser
Joe Hornbaker and Elzie Barker
Jennifer Horvath
Kelly Houze
Kevin Howard
Susan and Greg Howson
Carol Hubbard
Joseph Huber
Greg Hudson
Mary and James Hufford
Andrew Hungerford
Judith Imhoff
Miriam Intrator
Susan Jackson
Phyllis Jackson
Jefferson and Marty James
Michael James
Todd and Tricia James
Laura Jansen
Dale Jenkins
William Taulby Johnson
Robert Johnson
Anne Jones
Brandy Jones in honor of Mialani, Carlitos, and Luciano
Heather Jones
Israel Jones
Kimberly Jones
Pat Jones
Kenneth Jordan
Elena Jordan-Keller
Sarah Judd in memory of Bud Haupt
Steven Kabin
Janice Kagermeier
Carl Kalota
Mark and Marcy Kanter
Scott Kaplan
Michelle Karoleff
Susan Karr
Harriet Kaufman
Larry Kavanagh
Kristen Keane
Stephanie Keinath
Kathryn Keller
Rian Keller
Shari Kelly-Burrows
Suzanne Kemp
Heidi Jark and Steven Kenat
Shirley Kendall
Katharyn Kennedy
Patricia and David Kern
Joseph Kiesler
Jim Kiffmeyer
Dr. Robert Kindel
Cynthia King
Kathryn King
James and Marcene Kinney
Eric Kirchner
David and Charlotte Kirkendall
Rachel Kirley
Brian Kloepper and Pamela Kloepper-Sams
Linda Klump
Dale and Dawn Knochenmuss
Marilyn Knose
Emily Knue
Kimberly Knue
Jean Knuth
Olivia Koch
Erik Koenig
Diana Lynn Kohler
Linda Kollar
Rebecca Kosina
Janet Kratochvil
Judy Kraus
Kathryn Kreimer
Pat and Randy Krumm
Virginia Kuertz
Alex Kuhl
Jamie and Kelly Kuhn
Karen Kuhn
Shawn Kuhn
Sheila Kuhn
Jennifer Kunkemoeller
Elizabeth LaMantia
Amanda Lampson
Donald Lane
Susan Lange
Audrey Lanier
Richard and Susan Lauf
Charles and Jean Lauterbach
James Lawrence
Marc and Lauren Le Roux
William Learmonth
Thomas Lee
Carolyn Leicht
Betsy Leigh
Susan Leis
Tony and Elaine Leist
Gregory LeMay
Jill Lembright
Theresa Lemmerman
Davi Lenning
Carol Leslie
Sara Machele Lewis
Halee Lichtle
Annulla Linders
Rebecca Lindley
Douglas Lindsay
Joseph and Maria Link
Patricia and Calvin Linnemann
Nancy Lippincott
Andrea and Mackenzie Long
Matthew Long
Tracey Long
Cat Looby
Joyce Looby
Dan and Anne Lovell
Ted Lucien
Darrell and Jane Ludlow
John-Peter Lund
Genevieve Mabey
Sharon Madden
Ann Maki
Julia Malkin
Elaine Manieri
Heather Mann
Dianne Marcus
Jeanine Marschner
Fred Martens
Dr. David Martin
Vicky Mary
Debby and Jim Mason
Neil Mathews
Ron Matson
Linda Maupin
Sophia McAllister
Christa and Mark McAndrew
Emma McAvoy
Lisa McClintock
Shawna McCloskey
Justin McCombs and Maggie Rader
Amanda McDonald
Travis and Teresa McElroy
Amanda McGee
Dale McGirr
Janet McGrath in honor of Mary Palmer
Brandon McIntosh
Bill and Karen McKim
Dan Mcloughlin
Thomas McMackin
Anne McManus
Melissa McNitt in honor of Tamyr McWethy
Colleen McSwiggin
Caitlin McWethy
Joann Mead
Deborah Meem
John Meixner
Lance Melching
Nancy Merrow
Susana Waimin and Doug Meyer
Louise Meyer
Matthew Meyer
Rev. Stacey Midge
Amy Miller
Anne Miller
Claire Miller
Michael Mitrovich
Mr. David Moccia
Jennifer Moix
Lisa Moller
Mimi Moller
Marshall Montrose
Christopher Morabito
Paul Moran
Nancy Morris
Kim Morrow
Mary Sue Morrow
Abby Moser in honor of Rachael Moser
Ruta Mueller
Margaret Muething
Mohinee Mukherjee
Krishna Mungur
Anne Murphy
Paul and Jul Murphy
Jeanette Murray
Virginia Myer
Barbara Myers
Beth Myers
Dr. John Myers
Alexa Naramore
David Nardo
Chris Nare
Priscilla Neill
Gerald Newfarmer
Drs. Nick Newman and Leila Saxena
George Nielsen
Jeanne Nightingale
Kathy Ning
Carolyn Noe
Edward Nolan
Darlene Nored
Fred and Barbara Norton
Christy O'Dea
Clare Oestreicher
Erin O'Grady
Eric Okerson
Niamh J. O'Leary
Patricia and Robert Olexsey in memory of Eileen Mowbray
Robert and Carol Olson
Sharon and Ray Ontko
Joanne and Tim Oppelt
Saundra Oprea

Western & Southern Financial Group
Jennifer Ossege
Mary Beth Martin and Kenneth Oswald
Annelise Page
David and Patricia Papoi
Sherry Parker
Claire Parsons
Manisha Patel and Michael Curran
Karen Paxton
PayPal Giving Fund
Doug and Denise Peaslee
Megan Peaslee in honor of Denise Peaslee
Jeffrey Perkins
Maggie Perrino
Devon Peters
Lynn Peters
Carol Pfetzing
Nancy Phelan
Gina Phillips
Matthew Photides
David Piatt
Sara Plaskett
Cass and Glenn Plott
Carol Points
Wijdan Jreisat and Patrick Points
Margaret Polanski
Ryan Poole
Ellen Poppleton
Teresa Porter
Emily Prem
Benjamin Pressley
Phil and Susan Price
Elizabeth Pucko
Spencer and Bev Pugh
Gail Pyne-Geithman
Jessica Quitter
Catherine Rahmes
Subu Rama
Nectar Ramirez
Linda Ramsey in honor of Erik Koenig
Pam Rankey
Dan Rankin
Mitch and Karen Rashkin
Ken Rasor
Rick and Charlotte Read
Claire Rechnitzer
Lawrence Redmond
Grace Reef
Darren Renner
Kathryn Rentz
Carl Reynolds
Rosemary Reynolds
Vicky and Rick Reynolds
Brian Rhame
Jeffrey Rich
Stacey Rich
Margaret Richards
Sandra Riegler
Pam Rieke
Sharon Rieke
Jana Riess
Helen Rindsberg
Whitney Salee Risner
Bavi Rivera
John and Nicole Rizzo
Linda Roberts
Judith Robertson
Keith and Renee Robertson
Mindy Robertson
Stephen and Betty Robinson
Connie Roesch
Diane Roland
Michael Rose
Bob Rosebery
Patty and Keith Rosely in honor of Sara Clark
Betty Rosenthal
Kenneth Roth
Bethany Rouch
Margaret Roulier
Carolyn Royalty
Marc and Suzi Rubin
Dr. Peter Ruehlman
Marie Rusincovitch in honor of Jeanna Vella
Dick Russell
Brian Rust
Louis Ryan
Gregory Saelens
Iris Sageser
Larry Sansoucie
Mark and Jan Sass
Jennifer Sauvey
Roland Scaife
Judy Sceifres
Jill Schad
Maria and Trent Schade
Bidina Scharnhorst
Richard Scheid
Tom Schick
Kelly Schiller
Sherry Schilling
Suzanne Schindler
Rosemary and Mark Schlachter
Jeffrey Schloemer and Marcia Banker
Dr. Edward Schloss
Chuck Schmalz and Sara Selig
Lukas and Kate Schmid
Jim Schmidt
Ruth Schmiedeker
Kathryn Schnier
Jerry Schoen
Matthew Schottelkotte
Helen Schramm
Rick Schroeder
Rorry Schuessler
Erica Schultz
Russell Lascelles and Janet Schultz
James Schuttemeyer
David Schwartz
Chris Schweikert
Mark Scott
Ally Seitz
Gillian Sella
Jean Sens
Rachel Sexton
Saira Shahani
Lois Ann Shannon
Eileen Sharkey
Samantha Shattuck
Danyne Sherman
Catherine Sherron
Carol Shore
Sue Showers
Lisa Shusterman
K and D Siegfried in memory of loved ones
Suzanne Sifri
Ruth Sikorski
Edward Silberstein and Jacqueline Mack
Dr. Susan Sipple
Ellie Small
Jeanne Smearsoll
Margaret Smeltzer
Byron Smith
Janna Smith
Nikki Smith
Stephanie Castles Smith
Susan Smith
Tim Smith
Troy Snider
Christine Socwell
Tess Sohngen
Carol Sostok
Tim Souder
Mary Southworth Shaffer
John Spain
Larry Sparks
Paul Spearman
Margaret Dunn and William Spohn
Clyde Stauffer
Mark Stedtefeld
Jan Steinman
Mike Steinman
Mark and Anne Stepaniak
Julia Stephen
Douglas and Wendy Sterling
Deborah Stevens
Bonnie Stewart
Matthew Stickle
Stacy Stockley
Lib Stone
Bill Strathmann
Susan Sturgeon
Steven and Preeti Sullivan
Caroline Sullivan
Steven Sullivan
Jennifer Suttles
Rachel Szeles
Carol Tabone
Linda Tache
Georgana Taggart
Sarah Tankersley
Elizabeth Tate
JB Taylor
Lindsay Taylor
Tiffannie Taylor
Don and Linda Tecklenburg
John Tergerson
Greg Terhune
Beverly Thomas
Melissa Thomasson
Gordon and Mary-Anne Thompson
Judith Thompson
Dr. Thomas Thompson
Kathleen Thornton
Elizabeth Tillis-Gilland
Jenny Timon
The Tobin-Howson Family
Dr. Cherie Torres-Silva
Patricia Torvik
Ingo Trauschweizer
Mary Ellen Travis
Tim Trenkamp
Robert Trusty
Joel Tsevat
Sandra and James Uhrig
Teresa Uterstaedt
Nancye Van Brunt
Shakespeare Society of Zanesville
Mary Varga
Maria Vaught
Jeanna Vella
Judith Vermillion
Brent Vimtrup
Christopher and Nancy Virgulak
Nancy Wade
Jeffrey Walkup in honor of Eric Zahn
David Wallace
Robert Wallace
Lawrence Walter
Christine Wands
Suzana and Randy Waterhous
William Watts
Amanda Webb
Sharon Weber
Terri Weeks
Charla Weiss
Mary Ann Weiss
Donna Welch
Rebecca Wellbrock
Karen Wells
Teresa Werner
Arlene Werts
George Ann Wesner
Dick and Debbie Westheimer
Toni Wheeler
Mary Whitaker
Phil White
Kevin and Sarah Whitman
Steve Whitt
Devon Whitt
Christine Whittaker
Connie Widmer
Jo Ann Wieghaus
Ms Joan Wieging
Jerome Wiesenhahn
Angela Williams
Ann and Pete Williams
Dakota Williams
H. James and Carole Williams
Jamie Williams
Robert and Jean Willis
Janice Wilson
Michael Winland
William and Kathy Winters
Pat Witson
Ashley Wollam
Kelly and Angela Wray
Cedric Wright
Sarah Wright
Robert Young
George and Nancy Yund
Karen Zaugg
Betsy Zelek
Clint and Laura Zimmerman
Timothy Zimmerman and Kimberly Mansfield
Richard Zinicola
Katie Zink
Jeanie Zoller