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A Note of Gratitude from Our Producing Artistic Director

We are a community of artists and collaborators and we believe in theatre. We believe in the power of words, the power of storytelling, and the profound impact an artistic experience can have on an individual. We believe that bringing people together for a shared experience is the way we help to change the world for the better. But due to the state-mandated public ban on mass gatherings in response to the public health crisis, we can no longer do these things we love and believe in.

However, in this unprecedented moment, we have witnessed extraordinary sacrifice, commitment, adaptability, and ingenuity from our team here at Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, as well as incredible generosity from our patrons and donors. Whether you choose to donate back your tickets, purchase a subscription to next season in spite of prevailing uncertainty, or made a donation to our COVID Recovery Fund, thank you. We could not do this without you.

When Shakespeare’s theater closed due to an outbreak of plague, he wrote King Lear. Great things can come out of great adversity when we choose to stand by the organizations and the people we believe in. We are not, as Juliet cries, “past hope, past cure, past help.” Our hope, our cure, our help is in you.

Be safe, be well, be hopeful,





Brian Isaac Phillips, Producing Artistic Director